Bringing Wellness to the Workplace

The Workplace Wellness program offers co-workers a chance to bond while taking a break to relax, destress and stretch through in-office Yoga lead by Amy di Giacomo. In-office Yoga helps to release tension, relieve stress, get the blood pumping and the creative juices flowing. It can do wonders for workplace morale! Program sessions are designed specifically for individual office needs with the flexibility that office-life often demands. Sessions are typically scheduled in 45 or 60 minute formats, once per week. Rates vary depending on the size of the office, and discounts are available for non-profits & small businesses. 


Incorporating strength training exercises into your Yoga practice helps to protect the joints from injury and tones the muscles, which causes the body to lose fat tissue and become more firm.


Practicing balance builds muscle strength and improves sensory perception. Being able to distribute your weight evenly and find stability in balance poses is a skill that will carry over into your other workouts and even other areas of your life.


Each breath is linked to a movement. Focusing on this connection throughout class will ensure a sweaty physical practice and a beneficial mental practice that removes stress, stills the mind, and releases any blockage of energy in the body.

Amy di Giacomo

Amy is a Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor that has been bringing her Workplace Wellness program to offices in Manhattan since 2013. She is passionate about health and loves that New York is a city that fully embraces creating a space for wellness in the workplace to keep employees feeling good.

Amy is also a contributing wellness writer at ClassPass and a variety of online magazines and blogs. Her work has appeared on Self, Refinery29, and Fitness, among others.


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